Ultrasound imaging for the rheumatologist. V. Ultrasonography of the ankle and foot

L. Riente, A. Delle Sedie, A. Iagnocco, E. Filippucci, G. Meenagh, G. Valesini, W. Grassi, S. Bombardieri

Cattedra di Reumatologia, Università di Pisa, Pisa, Italy

2006 Vol.24, N°5 - PI 0493, PF 0498

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Rheumatology Article



ABSTRACT:Ultrasonography (US) is a useful tool for imaging, which can be used for the assessment of joints and periarticular structures in all rheumatological disorders. In patients with pain and/or swelling of the ankle and foot, US provides information about the presence of joint effusion, synovitis, tenosynovitis, tendinosis, and tendons tears, helping in the differential diagnosis between joint or tendon/enthesis involvement. Moreover, US allows clinicians to monitor and guide needle positioning to inject pharmaceutical substances more safely and effectively even in hard-to-reach sites.US represents an accurate, safe and low-cost technique that can be used for the examination of the ankle and foot in rheumatic disorders.

PMID: 17181916 [PubMed]

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