IL-6 receptor, IL-8 receptor and TNF-α238 (G/A) polymorphisms are not associated with Behçet's disease in patients of German or Turkish origin

K. Storz, J. Löffler, S. Koch, R. Vonthein, C.C. Zouboulis, I. Fresko, H. Yazici, I. Kötter

Department of Internal Medicine II, University Hospital, Tübingen

2008 Vol.26, N°4 ,Suppl.50 - PI 0103, PF 0106
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Rheumatology Article



To assess the association of polymorphisms of the IL-6 receptor gene (+24013A/G:Ala31Ala; +48892 A/C:Asp358Ala), the IL-8 receptor gene (+2607G/C:Ser/Thr IL-8RA), and TNF-α 238 (G/A) single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) with Behçet`s disease in patients of German or Turkish origin.
DNA was extracted from blood samples taken from patients in Germany (n=93) and Turkey (n=28), as well as from 51 German and 20 Turkish healthy controls. The polymorphisms were analysed by PCR with the LightCycler system.
No significant association was found between TNF-α 238, +2607 IL-8RA, +48892 IL-6R or +24013 IL-6R- polymorphisms and nationality or disease. Statistically there was no difference between the patients and controls (TNF-α 238: p = 0.86; +2607 IL-8RA: p=0.23; +48892 IL-6R: p=0.087; +24013 IL-6R: p = 0.80) nor between Germans and Turks (TNF-α 238: p=0.13; +2607 IL-8RA: p=0.68; +48892 IL-6R: p=0.32; +24013 IL-6R: p=0.65).
The single nucleotide polymorphisms of the IL-6 and IL-8 receptor genes and the TNF-α gene analysed here do not appear to be associated with Behçet`s disease.

PMID: 19026125 [PubMed]