Efficacy of adalimumab in patients with Behçet's disease unsuccessfully treated with infliximab

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Rheumatology Department of Lucania, San Carlo Hospital of Potenza and Madonna delle Grazie Hospital of Matera, Potenza and Matera, Italy. ignazioolivieri@tiscalinet.it

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2011 Vol.29, N°4 ,Suppl.67 - PI 0054, PF 0057
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To evaluate the clinical response after switching from infliximab to adalimumab in patients with Behçet`s disease (BD). Methods: In this ongoing, prospective, longitudinal and observational study, data were collected on efficacy and safety of every patient with BD beginning anti-TNF therapy in the last 8 years. The present analysis was restricted to patients who were switched to adalimumab after failing or not tolerating infliximab.
A total of 69 patients with BD have been treated with infliximab so far. Seventeen of these (25%) have been switched to adalimumab for lack or loss of efficacy or infusion reactions. In 10 out of these 17, the main manifestations requiring switching were the mucocutaneous lesions, in 4 retinal vasculitis and in 3 the neurological involvement. Of the 17 treated patients, 9 showed sustained remission of the disease and 3 a good response. No side effects were observed in any patient.
The results of our study suggest that patients with BD showing a scarce response or adverse events to infliximab may successfully be treated with adalimumab, regardless of the reason for switching.

PMID: 21968237 [PubMed]

Received: 03/06/2011 - Accepted : 25/08/2011 - In Press: 27/09/2011 - Published: 27/09/2011