Refractory neuro-Behçet treated by tocilizumab: a case report

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Rheumaklinik und Institut für Physikalische Medizin und Rehabilitation, Kantonsspital Aarau AG, Aarau, Switzerland. piotr.urbaniak@ksa.ch

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2012 Vol.30, N°3 ,Suppl.72 - PI 0073, PF 0075
Case Reports

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A patient with central nervous system involvement of Behçet`s disease was refractory to conventional immunosuppressive therapy and showed secondary failure of the anti-TNF agent infliximab. This presented as a progressive weakness of the legs and reduction in walking distance. The cerebrospinal fluid showed signs of inflammation including a vastly elevated IL-6 concentration. Given this result, the anti-IL-6 receptor antibody tocilizumab was administered and a good improvement of inflammatory parameters and a satisfactory increase of the walking distance were achieved.

PMID: 23020826 [PubMed]

Received: 16/07/2011 - Accepted : 27/01/2012 - In Press: 27/09/2012 - Published: 19/11/2012