Transitional care of young people with juvenile idiopathic arthritis in Italy: results of a Delphi consensus survey

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2019 Vol.37, N°0 - PI 1084, PF 1091
Paediatric Rheumatology

Rheumatology Article



To present the results of a Delphi consensus survey among Italian paediatric and adult rheumatologists on transitional care (TC) of young people (YP) with juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA).
A taskforce of 27 paediatric and adult rheumatologists evaluated the applicability of the 2016 EULAR/PReS recommendations for TC to the Italian rheumatology practice and healthcare system and formulated additional country-specific statements aimed to increase their suitability. After a two-round discussion, applicability of EULAR/PReS recommendations and agreement with newly-proposed statements were voted on a 0–10 scale (where 0 = no applicability/agreement and 10 = total applicability/agreement). A mean level of agreement ≥8 was deemed acceptable.
The consensus threshold was reached for only 4 of the 12 EULAR/PReS recommendations and for 25 of the 27 country-specific statements. Poor agreement with EULAR/PReS recommendations was mostly explained by paucity of centres in Italy that possess both paediatric and adult rheumatologists, disagreement about optimal time of transition start and de nition of transition coordinator, diversity between paediatric and adult clinimetric assessments, and lack of administrative and financial support.
This consensus initiative represents an important step forward toward the establishment of a nationwide TC network for YP with JIA in Italy. The main goals established for the future are the identification of adult rheumatology centres that are willing to participate in the TC process, the education of adult rheumatology teams on childhood-onset rheumatic diseases and transition issues, and the increased awareness of public healthcare authorities and other stakeholders about the importance of good-quality TC.

PMID: 31376254 [PubMed]

Received: 17/12/2018 - Accepted : 20/05/2019 - In Press: 25/07/2019 - Published: 02/12/2019