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Annual supplement since 2003, this issue addresses conditions of different aetiology with a broad range of manifestations, all characterised by inflammation of the blood vessels, whose complexity we are only just beginning to grasp and which pose countless diagnostic dilemmas.

Issue Co-Editors

L. Guillevin (France), W.L. Gross (Germany), C. Salvarani (Italy)

Associate Editors

F. Ferro (Italy)

Editorial Board

K.S. Barron (USA)                                   E.L. Matteson (USA)

D. Blockmans (Belgium)                        P. Merkel (USA)

L.H. Calabrese (USA)                              C.O. Savage (UK)

M.C. Cid (Spain)                                      Y. Shoenfeld (Israel)

L.W. Cohen Tervaert (Netherlands)    F.T. Saulsbury (USA)

M.J. Dillon (UK)                                      U. Specks (USA)

C. Ferri (Italy)                                          J.H. Stone (USA)

G.S. Hoffman (USA)                               A. Wiik (Denmark)

C.G.M. Kallenberg (Netherlands)