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Sjögren’s syndrome

Sjögren’s syndrome

Started in 2018 as a monothematic supplement, the aim of this issue is to host not only highly selected original articles, but also to address with editorials and reviews the hottest topics in Sjögren’s syndrome.

Issue Co-Editors

M. Bombardieri (UK), H. Bootsma (The Netherlands), S. De Vita (Italy),

M. Ramos-Casals (Spain), A.G. Tzioufas (Greece)

Associate Editors

C. Baldini (Italy), E. Bartoloni (Italy), L. Quartuccio (Italy)

Editorial Board

I. Alevizos (USA)                                     C.P. Mavragani (Greece)

A.N. Baer (USA)                                       H. Nakamura (Japan)    

R. Gerli (Italy)                                         J.-O. Pers (France)

R. Giacomelli (Italy)                               R. Priori (Italy)

G. Hernandez-Molina (Mexico)           R.H. Scofield (USA)

L. Lu (Hong Kong, China)                    V. Valim (Brazil)             

R. Mahla (UK)                                         A. Vissink (The Netherlands)


Sjögren’s syndrome