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Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology is a bi-monthly international peer-reviewed journal which has been covering all clinical, experimental and translational aspects of musculoskeletal, arthritic and connective tissue diseases since 1983.

Annual Supplements

In addition to regular issues, it also publishes a number of annual supplements dedicated to the following topics:

Articles submitted on these topics are processed with the same peer-review criteria as those published in the regular issues. Once accepted, they are published ahead-of-print online, and subsequently included in the correspondent supplement issue, unless otherwise expressly requested by the Authors.

Articles published in the supplements share the same citation coverage and impact factor as the main journal (PubMed, Scopus, Science Citation Index, etc.).

Stefano Bombardieri, MD

LER & CER: Letter to the Editor Rheumatology

Letter to Editor Rheumatology: Commentaries and Controversies (LER) has been an online forum for a stronger voice and a wider audience for critical and dissenting views in rheumatology and related disciplines. It has joined forces with Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology to achieve the deserved wider audience.

Letters can be submitted solely to:, please read Authors’ Guidelines.

Page charge

A page charge of €100.00 will be assessed for all articles published. Instructions for payment will be sent to authors along with the proofs. There is no charge for solicited articles.

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