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LER & CER: letter to Editor Rheumatology


SARS-CoV-2 infection may not be a prerequisite for developing multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children

1, 2, 3


  1. Department of Paediatrics, Kangbuk Samsung Hospital, Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, Republic of Korea.
  2. Department of Paediatrics, Bundang Jesaeng Hospital, Daejin Medical Centre, Seongnam, Republic of Korea.
  3. Department of Paediatrics, St. Mary’s Hospital, The Catholic University of Korea, Seoul, Republic of Korea.

LER & CER: letter to Editor Rheumatology

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PMID: 34251316 [PubMed]

Received: 01/03/2021
Accepted : 09/06/2021
In Press: 30/06/2021

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