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Provisional recommendations for SARS-CoV-2 vaccination in patients with cryoglobulinaemic vasculitis

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  1. Rheumatology Unit/Lupus Clinic “M. Scarlato” Hospital Scafati, Italy.
  2. Rheumatology Unit, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Modena, Italy.
  3. Clinic of Rheumatology, Department of Medicine, ASUFC, Udine, Italy.
  4. Department of Transfusion Medicine, University Hospital of Padova, Italy.
  5. Medical Clinic, Medicine Department, Azienda Ospedaliero-Universitaria Ospedali Riuniti, Ancona, Italy.
  6. Department of Internal Medicine ASST Ovest Milanese, Legnano, Italy.
  7. Department of Translational and Precision Medicine, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy.
  8. Internal Medicine Unit Jesi, Area Vasta 2 ASUR Marche, Jesi, Italy.
  9. Clinical of Experimental Onco-Haematology Unit, Centro di Riferimento Oncologico di Aviano (CRO) IRCCS, Aviano, Italy.
  10. Rheumatology Unit, Internal Medicine Unit, Presidio Ospedaliero di Saronno, ASST Valle Olona, Saronno, Italy.
  11. Haematology Unit, San Gerardo Hospital, Monza, Italy.
  12. Department of Translational and Precision Medicine, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy.
  13. Rheumatology Unit, ASST Grande Ospedale Metropolitano Niguarda, Milan, Italy.
  14. Presidio Ospedaliero Di Saronno, ASST Valle Olona, Saronno, Italy.
  15. Department of Clinical and Biomedical Sciences “Luigi Sacco”, University of Milano, III Division of Infectious Diseases, ASST Fatebenefratelli Sacco, Luigi Sacco Hospital, Milano, Italy.

on behalf of the Italian Group for the Study of Cryoglobulinaemia (GISC)

2021 Vol.39, N°2 ,Suppl.129
PI 0149, PF 0154

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PMID: 33938790 [PubMed]

Received: 11/03/2021
Accepted : 12/04/2021
In Press: 30/04/2021
Published: 19/05/2021


People with cryoglobulinaemic vasculitis (CV) have an increased risk of infections, attributed to different causes: impairment of the immune system due to the disease itself, comorbidities, and immunosuppressive therapy. Therefore, these patients may be at high risk for a more severe course of COVID-19, including hospitalisation and death. Concerns about efficacy, immunogenicity and safety of vaccines, as well as doubts, not yet fully clarified in patients with systemic autoimmune diseases, represent other important factors for a low vaccination rate in people with (CV). Indeed, providing an expert position on the issues related to SARS-CoV-2 vaccination in patients suffering from CV is of critical relevance in order to help both patients and clinicians who are treating them in making the best choice in each case. A multidisciplinary task force of the Italian Group for the Study of Cryoglobulinaemia (GISC) was convened, and through a Delphi technique produced provisional recommendations regarding SARS-CoV-2 vaccination in cryoglobulinaemic patients.

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