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A Canadian vasculitis patient-driven survey to highlight which prednisone-related side effects matter the most

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  1. Vasculitis Clinic, Mount Sinai Hospital, Department of Rheumatology, University of Toronto, ON, Canada.
  2. Vasculitis Clinic, Mount Sinai Hospital, Department of Rheumatology, University of Toronto, ON, Canada.
  3. CanVasc and Canada Vasculitis Foundation patient representative, Canada.

2023 Vol.41, N°4
PI 0943, PF 0947
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PMID: 36995315 [PubMed]

Received: 15/02/2023
Accepted : 14/03/2023
In Press: 27/03/2023
Published: 18/04/2023


Although management of vasculitis has evolved over the last decades, glucocorticoids (GC) have remained the cornerstone of treatment. The side effects (SE) of GC are well known by the clinicians; their importance for patients with vasculitis has not been investigated as extensively as in other rheumatological conditions.
An online questionnaire surveyed between April 29th. to July 31st, 2022 with Vasculitis Foundation Canada about the patient experience and SE of prednisone. The survey included 5 questions about prednisone dose and duration, 21 about specific SE (with a rating of 1-10, and one question each on worst prednisone, and worst vasculitis, SE), and four other questions about knowledge and perception of possible alternatives to prednisone (namely, avacopan).
A total of 97 patients (53 GPA/MPA, 44 other vasculitides) completed the survey. Their mean duration of GC use was 62.7±83.7 months, and 49.5% of patients were still on GC (daily dose, 8.4±6.2mg). All the patients reported ≥1 GC-related SE, and 67.0% reported ≥11/19 pre-specified SE of interest. Among ranked SEs, acne was the lowest score, whereas moon face/torso hump had the highest score, just above weight gain, insomnia and decreased quality of life. Around half of the GPA/MPA patients and one-third of the others had heard about avacopan, and 68% of patients (similarly in both groups) stated they would prefer being the first to take a very new medication, such as avacopan, instead of prednisone.
Ranking given to some GC-related SEs may differ between patients and physicians. GC toxicity/SE indexes should reflect this difference.


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