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IL-6 receptor, IL-8 receptor and TNF-α238 (G/A) polymorphisms are not associated with Behçet`s disease in patients of German or Turkish origin

K. Storz, J. Löffler, S. Koch, R. Vonthein, C.C. Zouboulis, I. Fresko, H. Yazici, I. Kötter


2008 Vol.26, N°4 ,Suppl.50
PI 0103, PF 0106
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PMID: 19026125 [PubMed]


To assess the association of polymorphisms of the IL-6 receptor gene (+24013A/G:Ala31Ala; +48892 A/C:Asp358Ala), the IL-8 receptor gene (+2607G/C:Ser/Thr IL-8RA), and TNF-α 238 (G/A) single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) with Behçet`s disease in patients of German or Turkish origin.
DNA was extracted from blood samples taken from patients in Germany (n=93) and Turkey (n=28), as well as from 51 German and 20 Turkish healthy controls. The polymorphisms were analysed by PCR with the LightCycler system.
No significant association was found between TNF-α 238, +2607 IL-8RA, +48892 IL-6R or +24013 IL-6R- polymorphisms and nationality or disease. Statistically there was no difference between the patients and controls (TNF-α 238: p = 0.86; +2607 IL-8RA: p=0.23; +48892 IL-6R: p=0.087; +24013 IL-6R: p = 0.80) nor between Germans and Turks (TNF-α 238: p=0.13; +2607 IL-8RA: p=0.68; +48892 IL-6R: p=0.32; +24013 IL-6R: p=0.65).
The single nucleotide polymorphisms of the IL-6 and IL-8 receptor genes and the TNF-α gene analysed here do not appear to be associated with Behçet`s disease.

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