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18-FDG-PET in assessing disease activity in Takayasu arteritis: a meta-analysis

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2013 Vol.31, N°1 ,Suppl.75
PI 0022, PF 0027
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PMID: 23433014 [PubMed]

Received: 06/08/2012
Accepted : 22/10/2012
In Press: 25/02/2013
Published: 19/04/2013


To assess the diagnosis value of 18-FDG-PET in estimating disease activity in Takayasu arteritis.
A complete search of PubMed, EMBASE and The Cochrane Library was finished to July 25, 2012. Sensitivity and specificity as well as pooled estimates of positive and negative likelihood ratios (PLR and NLR) were calculated by Meta-Disc. We also calculated the area under the sROC curve (AUC) and the Q* index.
The meta-analysis was finished with 6 study retrieved from the database search. The pooled sensitivity, and specificity with 95% confidence interval were 70.1% (95% CI, 58.6-80.0) and 77.2% (95% CI, 64.2-87.3). The PLR and NLR were 2.313 (95% CI 1.108–4.829) and 0.341 (95% CI 0.142-0.824). The AUC was 0.805(±0.084) and Q* index was 0.7402 (±0.0739).
18-FDG-PET had moderate diagnosis value in assessing TA activity. It may add additional value to the current diagnosis methods.

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