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B. Clinical trials


The CIMESTRA study: intra-articular glucocorticosteroids and synthetic DMARDs in a treat-to-target strategy in early rheumatoid arhtritis



2012 Vol.30, N°4 ,Suppl.73
PI 0044, PF 0049
B. Clinical trials

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PMID: 23079125 [PubMed]

Received: 14/09/2012
Accepted : 19/09/2012
In Press: 16/10/2012
Published: 20/11/2012


Treatment of early rheumatoid arthritis (RA) include aiming at disease control with early use of methotrexate (MTX) in monotherapy or in combination with glucocorticoids or other disease-modifying drugs (DMARDs). The CIMESTRA study applied an aggressive treatment with DMARD and intra-articular injections of glucocorticoids (i.a. GC) to control disease activity. This paper reviews the results of the five years` study.
160 patients with early RA (<6 months duration) were randomized to receive MTX 7.5–20 mg/week+cyclosporine (CYA) 2.5–4 mg/kg (combination) or MTX+placebo-CYA (monotherapy). At each visit (week 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, thereafter monthly up to 24 months) patients had steroid injections in all swollen joints. During year 2, CYA/placebo was withdrawn, and hydroxychlorochine added. Clinical responses were assessed by ACR20, 50 and 70, ACR and DAS remission. Radiographic progression by x-rays of hands and feet.
At year 1 (year 5) treatment responses in mono/combination groups were: ACR20: 68% (85%) / 85% (94%), ACR50: 53% (74%) / 68% (88%), ACR70: 44% (63%) / 59% (72%). After year 1, no significant differences between groups were found. Remission rates were: ACR-remission: 28% (52%) / 35% (60%), DAS28-remission: 34% (76%) / 43% (80%). Radiographic progression in both groups was <1TSS unit/year. After 1 and 2 years, 62% and 56% of the injected joints had not relapsed (both groups). Cumulated i.a.GC dose <1mg prednisolone/day. 19% received biologics by 5 years, 16% no treatment (sustained ACR-remission). Baseline magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) bone oedema best predicted radiographic progression after 2 years. Treatments were well tolerated.
MTX and i.a.GC in a treat-to-target strategy over 5 years halted radiographic progression and induced remission in the majority of patients. I.a. GC had in long-lasting effect and cumulated dosages were low.

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