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Familial Mediterranean fever: a critical digest of the 2012-2013 literature

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2013 Vol.31, N°3 ,Suppl.77
PI 0103, PF 0107

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PMID: 24064023 [PubMed]

Received: 29/07/2013
Accepted : 02/08/2013
In Press: 09/09/2013
Published: 09/09/2013


The year 2012-2013 has been a fertile one in the area of FMF inquiry. Recent studies have led to further insight into the possible mechanisms whereby pyrin mutations might cause the auto-inflammatory phenotype that is characteristic of FMF. Evidence-based guidelines for diagnosis of FMF, including the role of genetic testing, have become available. Risks for colchicine resistance have been partially defined, and a randomised, controlled trial showing efficacy of an interleukin-1 antagonist for treatment of colchicine-resistant or intolerant FMF patients was reported. In this review, we summarise these and other salient findings from the recent FMF literature, and discuss their significance for the clinician.

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