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LER & CER: Letter to the Editor Rheumatology

Letter to Editor Rheumatology: Commentaries and Controversies (LER) has been an online forum for a stronger voice and a wider audience for critical and dissenting views in rheumatology and related disciplines. It has joined forces with Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology to achieve the deserved wider audience.

Letters can be submitted solely to: http://www.clinexprheumatol.org, please read Authors’ Guidelines.

Page charge

A page charge of €100.00 will be assessed for all articles published. Instructions for payment will be sent to authors along with the proofs. There is no charge for solicited articles.

Annual Supplements

A unique feature of Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology - our five annual supplements.

Contemporary advances in clinical rheumatology- Supplement

Contemporary Topics in Clinical Rheumatology

The hottest topics in clinical rheumatology discussed annually by the leading experts in the field.
Edited by Theodore Pincus, appearing annually since 1999

Behçet & Other Autoinflammatory Conditions - Supplement

Behçet's Disease and other Autoinflammatory Conditions

A unique regular supplement devoted to Behçet's Disease, familial Mediterranean fever and other Autoinflammatory conditions.
Edited by H. Yazici and E. Ben-Chetrit, appearing annually since 2001

Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology - Vasculitis Supplement


Inaugurated in 2003, this supplement is devoted to the heterogeneous and overlapping spectrum of clinical syndromes known as vasculitis.
Edited in 2003-2004 by G.S. Hoffman, L.H. Calabrese and C.A. Langford
From 2005 edited by W.G. Gross, L. Guillevin and C. Salvarani



Starting in 2009 a new annual supplement entirely devoted to this condition.
Edited in 2009/2012 by P.C. Clements, J.R. Seibold and M. Matucci Cerinic

Fibromyalgia Supplement

Fibromyalgia and related syndromes

Since 2009 a regular supplement devoted to the latest aspects in the management of fibromyalgia.


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