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The prevalence and clinical effect of immunogenicity of TNF-α blockers in patients with axial spondyloarthritis
G. Bornstein, M. Lidar, P. Langevitz, A. Fardman, I. Ben-Zvi, C. Grossman
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Health-related outcomes of importance to patients with Takayasu’s arteritis
A. Sreih, F. Alibaz-Oner, E. Easley, T. Davis, G. Mumcu, N. Milman, J. Robson, H. Direskeneli, P. Merkel, P. Cronholm
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Expression of TREM-2 and its inhibitory effects on TNF-α induced inflammation in fibroblast-like synoviocytes via inhibiting p38 pathway activation
S. Huang, G. Liu, J. Li, J. Xu, D. Xu, W. Zhang, J. Huang
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The eumusc.net standards of care for rheumatoid arthritis: importance and current implementation according to patients and healthcare providers in the Netherlands
M. Hifinger, S. Ramiro, P. Putrik, Y. van Eijk-Hustings, A. Woolf, J. Smolen, M. Stoffer-Marx, T. Uhlig, R. Moe, M. Saritas, M. Janson, A. van der Helm-van Mil, M. van de Laar, H. Vonkeman, M. de Wit, A. Boonen
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Effects and safety of 99Tc-MDP in patients with refractory ankylosing spondylitis: a 2-stage (30-week follow-up) clinical trial
Y. Xu, Y. Zhong, M. Zhao, L. Tu, M. Fan, P. Zhang, Q. Wei, S. Cao, Q. Li, Z. Liao, Z. Lin, Y. Pan, O. Jin, J. Gu
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Serum IL-7 as diagnostic biomarker for rheumatoid arthritis, validation with EULAR 2010 classification criteria
A. Burska, J. Neilan, R. Chisman, R. Pitaksalee, R. Hodgett, H. Marzo-Ortega, P. Conaghan, R. West, P. Emery, F. Ponchel
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Rheumatology Article
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Prevalence of anti-DFS70 antibodies in patients with and without systemic autoimmune rheumatic diseases
O. Shovman, B. Gilburd, C. Chayat, H. Amital, P. Langevitz, A. Watad, A. Guy, D. Perez, D. Azoulay, M. Blank, Y. Segal, C. Bentow, M. Mahler, Y. Shoenfeld
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Prevalence and significance of anti-saccharomyces cerevisiae antibodies in primary Sjögren’s syndrome
A. Alunno, O. Bistoni, F. Carubbi, V. Valentini, G. Cafaro, E. Bartoloni Bocci, R. Giacomelli, R. Gerli
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Cardiovascular risk stratification in axial spondyloarthritis: carotid ultrasound is more sensitive than coronary artery calcification score to detect high-cardiovascular risk axial spondyloarthritis patients
J. Rueda-Gotor, J. Llorca, A. Corrales, J. Parra, V. Portilla, F. Genre, R. Blanco, M. Agudo, P. Fuentevilla, R. Expósito, C. Mata, T. Pina, C. González-Juanatey, M. González-Gay
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Treatment patterns in rheumatoid arthritis after discontinuation of methotrexate: data from the Ontario Best Practices Research Initiative (OBRI)
J. Pope, E. Rampakakis, M. Movahedi, A. Cesta, X. Li, S. Couto, J. Sampalis, C. Bombardier; and the Ontario Best Practices Research Initiative investigators
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Lipopolysaccharide-binding protein is a sensitive disease activity biomarker for rheumatoid arthritis
W. Wen, Y. Li, Y. Cheng, J. He, R. Jia, C. Li, J. Guo, X. Sun, Z. Li
Rheumatology Article
Rheumatology Article
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Chinese lupus treatment and research group (CSTAR) registry: X. family history in relation to lupus clinical and immunological manifestations
X. Leng, M. Li, X. Li, X. Zhang, S. Liu, L. Wu, L. Ma, L. Bi, X. Zuo, L. Sun, C. Huang, J. Zhao, Y. Zhao, X. Zeng; on behalf of the CSTAR group
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Severe adverse drug reactions to biological disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs in elderly patients with rheumatoid arthritis in clinical practice
L. Leon, A. Gomez, C. Vadillo, E. Pato, L. Rodriguez-Rodriguez, J. Jover, L. Abasolo
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An exploratory study to determine whether infliximab modifies levels of rheumatoid factor and antibodies to cyclic citrullinated peptides in rheumatoid arthritis patients
L. Martínez-Estupiñán, D. Hernández-Flórez, I. Janta, J. Ovalles-Bonilla, J. Nieto, C. González-Fernández, T. del Río, I. Monteagudo, F. López-Longo, E. Naredo, L. Valor
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High 3-year golimumab survival in patients with rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis and psoriatic arthritis: real world data from 328 patients
K. Thomas, I. Flouri, A. Repa, K. Fragiadaki, P. Sfikakis, C. Koutsianas, E. Kaltsonoudis, P. Voulgari, A. Drosos, E. Petrikkou, P. Sidiropoulos, D. Vassilopoulos
Rheumatology Article
Rheumatology Article
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Effect of the metabolic syndrome on organ damage and mortality in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus: a longitudinal analysis
C. Mok, S. Tse, K. Chan, L. Ho
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract


Fc gamma receptor binding profile of anti-citrullinated protein antibodies in immune complexes suggests a role for FcγRI in the pathogenesis of synovial inflammation
A. Kempers, M. Nejadnik, Y. Rombouts, A. Ioan-Facsinay, M. van Oosterhout, W. Jiskoot, T. Huizinga, R. Toes, H. Scherer
Rheumatology Article
Rheumatology Article
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The utility of the ACR/EULAR 2017 provisional classification criteria for granulomatosis with polyangiitis in Korean patients with antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody-associated vasculitis
J. Yoo, H. Kim, S. Ahn, S. Jung, J. Song, Y. Park, S. Lee
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract


Variable impacts of different remission states on health-related quality of life in rheumatoid arthritis
M. Ma, F. Ibrahim, G. Kingsley, A. Cope, D. Scott
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract


Psychological comorbidities associated with subclinical atherosclerosis in Greek patients with primary Sjögren’s syndrome: a potential contribution of sleep impairment
T. Karageorgas, D. Ioakeimidis, C. Mavragani
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract


Increased expression of interferon-λ in minor salivary glands of patients with primary Sjögren's syndrome and its synergic effect with interferon-α on salivary gland epithelial cells
Y. Ha, Y. Choi, E. Kang, J. Chung, S. Cha, Y. Song, Y. Lee
Rheumatology Article
Rheumatology Article
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Use and withdrawal of immunosuppressors in primary Sjögren’s syndrome
J. Torres-Ruiz, D. Faz-Muñoz, N. Hernández-Díaz, G. Hernandez-Molina
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Suppression of active, but not total MMP-3, is associated with treatment response in a phase III clinical study of rheumatoid arthritis
A. Siebuhr, C. Kjelgaard-Petersen, S. Sun, I. Byrjalsen, C. Christiansen, M. Karsdal, A. Bay-Jensen
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract


Interleukin-35 inhibits angiogenesis through STAT1 signalling in rheumatoid synoviocytes
S. Wu, Y. Li, L. Yao, Y. Li, S. Jiang, W. Gu, H. Shen, L. Xia, J. Lu
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract


Timing of onset affects arthritis presentation pattern in antisyntethase syndrome
M. González-Gay, C. Montecucco, A. Selva-O’Callaghan, E. Trallero-Araguas, O. Molberg, H. Andersson, J. Rojas-Serrano, D. Perez-Roman, J. Bauhammer, C. Fiehn, R. Neri, S. Barsotti, H. Lorenz, A. Doria, A. Ghirardello, F. Iannone, M. Giannini, F. Franceschini, I. Cavazzana, K. Triantafyllias, M. Benucci, M. Infantino, M. Manfredi, F. Conti, A. Schwarting, G. Sebastiani, A. Iuliano, G. Emmi, E. Silvestri, M. Govoni, C. Scirè, F. Furini, F. Lopez-Longo, J. Martínez-Barrio, M. Sebastiani, A. Manfredi, J. Bachiller-Corral, W. Sifuentes Giraldo, M. Cimmino, C. Cosso, A. Belotti Masserini, G. Cagnotto, V. Codullo, M. Romano, G. Paolazzi, R. Pellerito, L. Saketkoo, N. Ortego-Centeno, L. Quartuccio, A. Batticciotto, E. Bartoloni Bocci, R. Gerli, C. Specker, E. Bravi, C. Selmi, S. Parisi, F. Salaffi, F. Meloni, E. Marchioni, A. Pesci, G. Dei, M. Confalonieri, P. Tomietto, L. Nuno, F. Bonella, N. Pipitone, A. Mera-Valera, N. Perez-Gomez, S. Gerzeli, R. Lopez-Mejias, C. Matos-Costa, J. Pereira da Silva, J. Cifrian, C. Alpini, I. Olivieri, M. Blázquez Cañamero, A. Rodriguez Cambrón, S. Castañeda, L. Cavagna; on behalf of AENEAS (American and European NEtwork of Antisynthetase Syndrome) collaborative group.
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Long-term effects of interleukin-17A inhibition with secukinumab in active ankylosing spondylitis: 3-year efficacy and safety results from an extension of the Phase 3 MEASURE 1 trial
X. Baraliakos, A. Kivitz, A. Deodhar, J. Braun, J. Wei, E. Delicha, Z. Talloczy, B. Porter; for the MEASURE 1 Study Group › Free to View
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract


MiR-338-5p suppresses rheumatoid arthritis synovial fibroblasts proliferation and invasion by targeting ADAMTS-9
Y. Sun, X. Sun, Z. Liu, X. Wang, Y. Li
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract


Incidence and prevalence of axial spondyloarthritis: methodologic challenges and gaps in the literature
R. Bohn, M. Cooney, A. Deodhar, J. Curtis, A. Golembesky › Free to View
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract


Liver safety of non-tumour necrosis factor inhibitors in rheumatic patients with past hepatitis B virus infection: an observational, controlled, long-term study
I. Papalopoulos, A. Fanouriakis, N. Kougkas, I. Flouri, G. Sourvinos, G. Bertsias, A. Repa, N. Avgoustidis, P. Sidiropoulos
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract


Vitamin D status in spondyloarthritis: results of the ASAS-COMOSPA international study
S. Fernandes, A. Etcheto, D. van der Heijde, R. Landewé, F. van den Bosch, M. Dougados, A. Moltó
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract


Cardiopulmonary involvement in Takayasu's arteritis
D. Brennan, K. Warrington, C. Crowson, J. Schmidt, M. Koster
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract


Minor salivary gland fibrosis in Sjögren’s syndrome is elevated, associated with focus score and not solely a consequence of aging
K. Leehan, N. Pezant, A. Rasmussen, K. Grundahl, J. Moore, L. Radfar, D. Lewis, D. Stone, C. Lessard, N. Rhodus, B. Segal, R. Scofield, K. Sivils, C. Montgomery, A. Farris
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract


Are the cutaneous manifestations in patients with primary antiphospholipid syndrome a marker for predicting lung manifestations?
M. Kontic, L. Stojanovich, M. Mijailović-Ivković, M. Velinović, J. Srnka, M. Zdravkovic
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract


Optimal concentration range of golimumab in patients with axial spondyloarthritis
A. Martínez-Feito, C. Plasencia-Rodriguez, V. Navarro-Compán, T. Jurado, E. Kneepkens, G. Wolbink, S. Martín, A. Ruiz del Agua, R. Navarro, A. Mezcua, A. Jochems, D. Peiteado, M. Bonilla, A. Balsa, D. Pascual-Salcedo
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract


Pro-fibrotic effect of IL-6 via aortic adventitial fibroblasts indicates IL-6 as a treatment target in Takayasu arteritis
X. Kong, L. Ma, Z. Ji, Z. Dong, Z. Zhang, J. Hou, S. Zhang, L. Ma, L. Jiang
Rheumatology Article
Rheumatology Article
Rheumatology Abstract


Association between perceived level of stress, clinical characteristics and psychopathological symptoms in women with systemic lupus erythematosus
M. Peralta-Ramírez, J. Pérez-Mármol, M. Castañeda-Cabestany, A. Santos-Ruiz, E. Montero-López, J. Callejas-Rubio, N. Navarrete-Navarrete, J. Fernández-Sánchez, J. Jiménez-Alonso, N. Ortego-Centeno, J. Sabio, M. García-Morales
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract


Are rheumatologists adhering to the concepts window of opportunity and treat-to-target? Earlier and more intense disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drug treatment over time in patients with early arthritis in the PEARL study
E. Toledano, A. Ortiz, J. Ivorra-Cortes, N. Montes, A. Beltran, L. Rodríguez-Rodriguez, L. Carmona, I. González-Álvaro
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract


Tocilizumab after a first-line with anti-TNF in rheumatoid arthritis: a cost-consequence analysis in the Italian setting
S. Iannazzo, M. Benucci, E. Favalli
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract


Serum aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase-interacting multifunctional protein-1 (AIMP1), a novel disease activity predictive biomarker of systemic lupus erythematosus
S. Ahn, S. Hong, Y. Park, S. Jung, J. Song, Y. Park, S. Lee, S. Park
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract


Cost-effectiveness of early treatment of ACPA-positive rheumatoid arthritis patients with abatacept
A. Neubauer, C. Minartz, K. Herrmann, C. Baerwald
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract


The therapeutic nuclear magnetic resonance changes the balance in intracellular calcium and reduces the interleukin-1β induced increase of NF-κB activity in chondrocytes
B. Steinecker-Frohnwieser, W. Kullich, A. Mann, H. Kress, L. Weigl
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract


Increased levels of serum histone H4 and activated protein C in patients with active rheumatoid arthritis
W. Peng, X. Liang, Y. Zhong, Y. Zhou, L. Hu, W. Wang
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract


Associations between the SLC22A12 gene and gout susceptibility: a meta-analysis
Y. Zou, J. Du, Y. Zhu, X. Xie, J. Chen, G. Ling
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract


Amylin in the insulin resistance of patients with rheumatoid arthritis
I. Ferraz-Amaro, R. López-Mejias, B. Tejera-Segura, A. de Vera-González, B. Ubilla, J. Olmos, J. Hernández, M. González-Gay
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract


Treatment with methotrexate and risk of relapses in patients with giant cell arteritis in clinical practice
L. Leon, L. Rodriguez-Rodriguez, I. Morado, Z. Rosales, C. Vadillo, D. Freites, P. Macarron, B. Fernandez-Gutierrez, M. Blanco, J. Jover, L. Abasolo
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract


IFN-γ, CXCL16, uPAR: potential biomarkers for systemic lupus erythematosus
S. Wen, F. He, X. Zhu, S. Yuan, H. Liu, L. Sun
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract


The influence of disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs and corticosteroids on the association between rheumatoid arthritis and skin cancer: a nationwide retrospective case-control study in Taiwan
H. Tseng, L. Lu, H. Lam, K. Tsai, W. Huang, Y. Shiue
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract


The expression of mRNA for peptidylarginine deiminase type 2 and type 4 in bone marrow CD34+ cells in rheumatoid arthritis
T. Nagai, Y. Matsueda, T. Tomita, H. Yoshikawa, S. Hirohata
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract


Hypoalbuminaemia in antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody-associated vasculitis: incidence and significance
P. Xu, Z. Tong, T. Chen, S. Gao, S. Hu, X. Yang, T. Yan, S. Lin
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract


Arterial wave reflection and subclinical atherosclerosis in rheumatoid arthritis
S. Gunter, C. Robinson, A. Woodiwiss, G. Norton, H. Hsu, A. Solomon, L. Tsang, A. Millen, P. Dessein
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract


Predict rheumatoid arthritis conversion from undifferentiated arthritis with dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI and laboratory indexes
X. Lei, H. Li, Y. Zhan, J. Qu
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract


Diagnostic value of BiP or anti-BiP antibodies for rheumatoid arthritis: a meta-analysis
Y. Liu, J. Wu, G. Shen, P. Lei
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract


Rheumatologists’ guideline adherence in rheumatoid arthritis: a randomised controlled study on electronic decision support, education and feedback
N. Lesuis, R. van Vollenhoven, R. Akkermans, L. Verhoef, M. Hulscher, A. den Broeder
Rheumatology Article
Rheumatology Article
Rheumatology Abstract


The Janus kinase inhibitor tofacitinib inhibits TNF-α-induced gliostatin expression in rheumatoid fibroblast-like synoviocytes
Y. Kawaguchi, Y. Waguri-Nagaya, N. Tatematsu, Y. Oguri, M. Kobayashi, M. Nozaki, K. Asai, M. Aoyama, T. Otsuka
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract


Interferon regulatory factor 5 is a potential target of autoimmune response triggered by Epstein-barr virus and Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis in rheumatoid arthritis: investigating a mechanism of molecular mimicry
M. Bo, G. Erre, M. Niegowska, M. Piras, L. Taras, M. Longu, G. Passiu, L. Sechi
Rheumatology Article
Rheumatology Article
Rheumatology Abstract


A validation study of the Simple Psoriatic Arthritis Screening (SiPAS) questionnaire to screen psoriasis patients for psoriatic arthritis
F. Salaffi, M. Di Carlo, M. Luchetti, E. Di Donato, A. Campanati, D. Benfaremo, M. Nicolini, M. Carotti, A. Giacchetti, G. Ganzetti, L. Bugatti, A. Gabrielli, A. Offidani
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract


Implication of osteoprotegerin and sclerostin in axial spondyloarthritis cardiovascular disease: study of 163 Spanish patients
F. Genre, J. Rueda-Gotor, S. Remuzgo-Martínez, A. Corrales, B. Ubilla, V. Mijares, C. Fernández-Díaz, V. Portilla, R. Blanco, J. Hernández, J. Llorca, R. López-Mejías, M. González-Gay
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract


Impact of vasculitis on employment and income
L. Barra, R. Borchin, C. Burroughs, G. Casey, C. McAlear, A. Sreih, K. Young, P. Merkel, C. Pagnoux; for the Vasculitis Clinical Research Consortium and the Vasculitis Patient-Powered Research Network.
Rheumatology Article
Rheumatology Article
Rheumatology Abstract


Renal outcome of kidney-transplantation in Korean recipients with ANCA-associated vasculitis
E. Park, S. Ahn, S. Jung, J. Song, Y. Park, S. Lee
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract
Brief Papers


Improved adalimumab dose decision with comprehensive diagnostics data
M. Zänker, G. Becher, O. Arbach, M. Maurer, B. Stuhlmüller, A. Schäfer, P. Strohner, J. Brand
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract


Comparison of the risks of hospitalisation for cardiovascular events in patients with rheumatoid arthritis treated with tocilizumab and etanercept
E. Generali, G. Carrara, C. Selmi, S. Verstappen, A. Zambon, A. Bortoluzzi, E. Silvagni, C. Scirè
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract


Ex-vivo inhibited cytokine profiling explains inferior treatment response to golimumab after adalimumab failure in rheumatoid arthritis
L. Tweehuysen, K. Schraa, M. Netea, F. van den Hoogen, L. Joosten, A. den Broeder
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract


Th17 gene expression in psoriatic arthritis synovial fluid and peripheral blood compared to osteoarthritis and cutaneous psoriasis
F. Abji, R. Pollock, K. Liang, V. Chandran, D. Gladman
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract


Vitamin D and systemic lupus erythematous: a review of immunological and clinical aspects
F. Dall'Ara, M. Cutolo, L. Andreoli, A. Tincani, S. Paolino
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract


The performance of anti-cyclic citrullinated peptide assays in diagnosing rheumatoid arthritis: a systematic review and meta-analysis
L. Mathsson Alm, D. Fountain, K. Cadwell, A. Madrigal, G. Gallo, M. Poorafshar
Rheumatology Article
Rheumatology Article
Rheumatology Abstract


Vaccinations in adults with rheumatoid arthritis in an era of new disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs
P. Meroni, D. Zavaglia, C. Girmenia › Free to View
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract


Golimumab in refractory uveitis associated to juvenile idiopathic arthritis: multicentre study of 7 cases and literature review
N. Palmou-Fontana, V. Calvo-Río, J. Martín-Varillas, C. Fernández-Díaz, M. Mesquida, A. Adán, M. Hernández, M. Cordero-Coma, O. Maiz Alonso, D. Díaz-Valle, C. Fernández-Cid, O. Ruiz-Moreno, J. Hernández, M. González-Gay, R. Blanco
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract


Fatigue in systemic sclerosis: a systematic review
F. Basta, A. Afeltra, D. Margiotta
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract
Letters to the Editor


Ultrasound to detect involvement of vertebral artery in giant cell arteritis
M. Gehlen, N. Schaefer, M. Schwarz-Eywill, A. Maier
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract


Prostate cancer-associated polyarteritis nodosa: improvement of clinical manifestations after prostatectomy
T. Watanabe, M. Kanda, K. Kikuchi
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract


Switching to biosimilar infliximab: real world data in patients with severe inflammatory arthritis
C. Holroyd, L. Parker, S. Bennett, J. Zarroug, C. Underhill, B. Davidson, R. Armstrong, N. Harvey, E. Dennison, C. Cooper, C. Edwards
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract


Rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis caused by overlap syndrome of IgG4-related tubulointerstitial nephritis and myeloperoxidase-antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody-associated necrotising glomerulonephritis
T. Watanabe, M. Kanda, S. Fukaya, Y. Ogawa, K. Akikawa
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract


Uncommon presentation of granulomatosis with polyangiitis in association with subclinical coeliac disease
P. Voulgari, F. Apostolou, E. Dounousi, G. Liapis, M. Elisaf, A. Drosos
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract


Recurrence of mixed cryoglobulinaemia vasculitis following influenza vaccination despite clearance of hepatitis C virus infection
S. Sollima, L. Milazzo, P. Vassalini, S. Antinori, M. Galli
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract


Reduction or cessation of antiviral agents in hepatitis B virus carriers treated with biologic agents
B. Ghang, D. Lee, I. Hwang, C. Lee, B. Yoo, Y. Kim
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract


Prevalence of Takayasu’s arteritis in Korea
S. Jang, S. Seo, S. Park, D. Kim
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract


Increased aortic stiffness in patients with fibromyalgia: results of a prospective study on carotid-femoral pulse wave velocity
K. Triantafyllias, M. Stortz, M. de Blasi, C. Leistner, J. Weinmann-Menke, A. Schwarting
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract


The new frontier of imaging: the micron
G. Aringhieri, S. Vitali, P. Rossi, D. Caramella
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract


Reclassification of polyarteritis nodosa based on the 1990 ACR criteria using the 2007 EMA algorithm modified by the 2012 CHCC definitions
E. Park, S. Ahn, S. Jung, J. Song, Y. Park, S. Lee
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract
Paediatric Rheumatology


Ultrasound changes in synovial abnormalities induced by treatment in juvenile idiopathic arthritis
S. Lanni, E. van Dijkhuizen, F. Vanoni, S. Viola, F. Magnaguagno, G. Magnano, C. Gandolfo, A. Ravelli, C. Malattia
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract


Pneumonia in children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis in Finland 1999-2014: a nationwide retrospective register linkage study
P. Salonen, H. Säilä, J. Salonen, M. Linna, M. Helminen, M. Kauppi
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract


Reasons for inactive disease and flare in systemic onset juvenile idiopathic arthritis patients during tocilizumab treatment
M. Kostik, E. Isupova, I. Chikova, M. Dubko, V. Masalova, L. Snegireva, O. Kalashnikova, V. Chasnyk
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract
LER & CER: letter to Editor Rheumatology


More erronous statements about the use of frequentist statistical methods in medical research
M. Boers
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract


Systemic-onset juvenile idiopathic arthritis and incomplete Kawasaki disease may belong to a single clinical syndrome within a spectrum of severity
S. Han, S. Lee
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract


Reply to Dr. Boers' letter
A. Livneh
Rheumatology ArticleRheumatology Abstract