Upcoming Events and Meetings

In this page upcoming congresses are listed and ordered by date.

Mar. 21th, 201811th European Lupus MeetingThe 11th European Lupus Meeting is the first conference of the newly founded European Lupus Society. It will be our pleasure to open up the space for open and fruitful discussions about future developments in the field. Topics may be “International Collaborations” and “Young Academics in Lupus Research”, who we invite to be actively involved in the scientific programme.
Apr. 12th, 2018XVII Mediterranean Congress of RheumatologyThis 2018 edition of the Congress will focus on the effects of the diet and the climate on the most frequent Rheumatic and Musculoskeletal Diseases, including their early diagnosis and advanced therapies. The Congress topics will be discussed in sequential sessions and will include appropriate presentations on nutritional and environmental factors that will integrate the clinical and drug treatment lectures.
Apr. 18th, 201814th International Symposium on Sjögren’s syndomeThis symposium is designed to facilitate precision medicine practices in all aspects of clinical care, including patient diagnosis, prognosis, therapeutic responses, and prevention. This pioneering conference specifically seeks to bring together leaders from the Sjögren's syndrome/autoimmune research community to enhance translation of novel discoveries into clinical practice. Practitioners must embrace the advances and new technology to ensure their practice evolves with the field, ultimately improving patient care, quality and safety. Based on recent research, literature review, faculty perception, expert opinion and reviews from previous activity evaluation and outcome survey data, this 2.5 day activity will bring together science, technology, evidence-based medicine and leaders in the field to provide updates to an international audience, narrowing the gaps in knowledge.