14th International Symposium on Sjögren’s syndome

Start DateApr. 18th, 2018
End DateApr. 21th, 2018
LocationCapital Hilton Hotel, Washington, DC, USA.
TopicThis symposium is designed to facilitate precision medicine practices in all aspects of clinical care, including patient diagnosis, prognosis, therapeutic responses, and prevention. This pioneering conference specifically seeks to bring together leaders from the Sjögren's syndrome/autoimmune research community to enhance translation of novel discoveries into clinical practice. Practitioners must embrace the advances and new technology to ensure their practice evolves with the field, ultimately improving patient care, quality and safety. Based on recent research, literature review, faculty perception, expert opinion and reviews from previous activity evaluation and outcome survey data, this 2.5 day activity will bring together science, technology, evidence-based medicine and leaders in the field to provide updates to an international audience, narrowing the gaps in knowledge.
Scientific secretariatA. Baers, E.K. Akpek, I. Alevizos